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The Clarinet Journal

The official publication of The International Clarinet Association, published quarterly. Packed into every issue is information for every level of clarinetist: professional, teacher, students of all levels. Edited by James Gillespie,, each issue has information ranging from new CDs of note, orchestral analysis, help for teachers, what's going on in the Jazz scene, reports from around the world, and news of clarinet festivals and competitions around the world. Want to see what's available for your clarinet, or maybe you're interested in buying a new one? There are plenty of advertisers in The Clarinet, too, all specializing in your instrument.

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The Master Index of The Clarinet is online now, too. There are over 1800 articles indexed.

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Job Description:  Editor-The Clarinet

The ongoing duties of the editor include:

The Editor of The Clarinet should be an advocate of the clarinet with excellent writing, communication and project management skills. Other desirable attributes include a broad general knowledge of the worldwide clarinet community, a large network of contacts, and skills in working with a wide variety of people.  The editor is chiefly responsible for soliciting and/or receiving articles submitted for consideration, deciding on content, and copy-editing and proofing four issues of The Clarinet annually. The successful candidate should demonstrate good organizational, communication and writing skills and be able to meet deadlines.  Experience with Microsoft Office and Adobe suites of products including MS Word, Photoshop, Acrobat and Illustrator is preferred, as well as experience with music engraving software (Finale or Sibelius, experience preferred but not required).

Official hiring of the Editor will be done by the ICA Board of Directors. The Editor will communicate and coordinate with the ICA Board of Directors frequently so the mission of the ICA, which the Board of Directors is responsible for maintaining, is clearly articulated through the Journal and other media that the Editor coordinates. The position offers valuable professional experience and an opportunity to help shape the I.C.A. through publication of our membership journal, interfacing with 21st Century technology, publication innovation and social media. The Editor receives a stipend per issue.

Applicants should submit, via e-mail, both a letter of interest with a writing sample and a resume of qualifications to Madeleine Crouch at by April 15, 2015.

Job description: Editor, The Clarinet

  1. Developing a publication for the 21st century to meet the needs of a membership aged 18-90+.
  2. Solicit, edit and prepare all copy (text only) for the graphic designer.
  3. Oversee the layout, appearance and content of feature articles, artwork and cover design.
  4. Seek quality articles from the membership.
  5. Select feature articles for each issue with an eye for membership growth.
  6. Solicit and receive articles submitted, and approve for publication or reply otherwise to author.
  7. Edit and/or assist writers, reject or return articles to writers for revisions, resolving queries directly with the authors, e.g. style and text inconsistencies, correcting spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
  8. Communicate with column editors, and set and remind column editors of deadlines for receiving copy for four issues of the Clarinet annually (target mailing dates are December, March, June and September).
  9. Work with editorial associates who will be responsible, for example for editing copy of reviews of new printed and recorded music.
  10. Send galleys to all contributors to each issue for their final corrections and approval. Proofread the final layout to check for all corrections that have been submitted.
  11. Mail courtesy copies  (ca. 20–30) of each issue to all board members and contributors.
  12. Fill back-issue orders from inventory. For issues for which there are no remaining originals, a file of photocopy masters is maintained for copying at a local copy shop.
  13. Update the online back-issue order form once a year.
  14. Prepare an Index to the previous year’s issues, which is then included in the first issue  (No. 1) of each volume.
  15. Present an editor’s report at the annual I.C.A. business meeting. The Editor should attend all ClarinetFest® events, as their schedule permits, or make plans to assist in getting the necessary ClarinetFest® photos and Fest® report coordinated, which is the official documentation of ClarinetFest® each year. 
  16. Stay informed and in communication with clarinetists worldwide for news of events for possible reports and features in the journal.
  17. Continue to solicit new material and upgrade all aspects of the journal.
  18. Send deadline reminders and updates for each issue to board members and regular contributors.
  19. The Editor will communicate with the Executive Director to coordinate details of each issue so that each issue is delivered in a timely fashion.
  20.  Interfacing with I.C.A. Social Media such as Facebook, the E-Newsletter and development of online journal and web resources